Installation: 'Something went wrong' screen

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Are you stuck on one of the screens below?

In 99% of the cases, this is due to a wrong Device Code or a wrong WiFi-password. Please try again and keep the following aspects in mind:

1. Important: First give Slide a Factory Reset (check the bottom of this page for instructions). By doing this, you ensure that you start with a clean slate and no incorrect information is saved, which can possibly cause problems. 

2. Turn off your mobile data (3G/4G), or turn on airplane mode. It's important that your phone stays connected to Slide during the installation. Some telephones disconnect, as Slide does not connect to the internet directly. To avoid this, turn off your mobile data, or turn on airplane mode (just to be sure ;) ). 

3. Now click "Restart onboarding" to run through the installation flow again. Double-check that you fill out the correct Device Code. You can skip the hardware installation by clicking the "Installation Complete" button on the right bottom of the page. 

4. When connecting Slide to your home WiFi network, make sure you fill out the correct one. Also check if you're connecting Slide to a 2.4GHz network. Slide does not work on a 5.0GHz connection.

See if you're able to connect successfully now. If you're still experiencing problems, please take a look at one of the other options:

Slide has problems with settings on your modem

If the Device Code and WiFi password are correct, the internet connection to Slide might be blocked by the modem. In 95% of the cases, this is due to an  alternative DNS-server (such as a pi-hole), a mesh network, or WiFi extenders/boosters. In the remaining 5%, it's due to specific settings on your modem.

Alternative DNS-server

If you have a modem that uses an alternative DNS-server, such as a pi-hole, Slide won’t be able to receive commands from your modem and you’ll have to change the settings.

In order to check if this is the problem, you can test the following:

Take a second telephone and turn on the personal hotspot of this phone (also called ‘Wifi Access Point’). Use this as the WiFi point when connecting to your home network.
Before trying this, give Slide a Factory Reset (see below for instructions). 

If Slide manages to connect using the personal hotspot, it's the modem or the alternative DNS-server that is blocking the connection to Slide.

To solve this, try changing the DNS or resetting your modem. Sometimes setting up a guest network from your modem helps, provided that your modem supports this option.

Mesh network or WiFi extenders/booster

Maybe you have several WiFi points in your house, like a modem, a router or WiFi boosters, or extenders. 

Give a  unique name to the WiFi point that you want Slide to use. If several WiFi points have the same name, Slide might connect and disconnect between different WiFi points. 

Also, check the settings on the WiFi point that you'd like to use. Make sure that it runs on 2.4GHz.

Before you continue, give Slide a Factory Reset (see below for instructions)

If these options don’t apply to you, try resetting your modem and try again.

Before you continue, give Slide a Factory Reset (see below for instructions)

How to Factory Reset Slide

1. Take something small, like a paperclip

2. Slide's reset button is in an opening on the bottom of Slide. Use the paperclip to press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds.  

When you hear the motor and the LED light starts pulsating, the reset is complete. 

Click 'Restart Onboarding' or go back to the beginning of the installation, to reinsert your Slide's Device Code. You'll find this code on the 'Welcome Sheet', or on the top of Slide.

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