Installation: I'm stuck at 'Connect your phone to the Slide Access Point'

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In this article, we help you with the following:

1. A step-by-step guide on how to connect your phone to Slide (the Slide Access Point)

2. If you cannot see Slide's network (Slide Access Point) in your list of WiFi networks

1. Connecting to Slide

1. Click on 'Open phone WiFi Settings' 
You're now automatically sent to your WiFi settings.  

2. In the list of available WiFi networks, choose the Slide connection (e.g. Slide_30AEA4C5B060)

3. When you're phone is connected to Slide, go back to the Slide by IIM app.
Your telephone won't do this automatically, so after connecting, navigate back to the Slide app yourself. 

Please note: Some phones will give the following message: 'internet not available'
This is not a problem. Later you will connect Slide to your own WiFi network. 

2. I don't see Slide's network (Slide Access Point) in my available WiFi networks

In this part, we help you when you don't see Slide's network (Slide Access Point) in your list of available WiFi connections, or if you get the following message: 'Error scanning for Slide, timeout'.

Turn off your mobile data (3G/4G), or put your phone on airplane mode

It's important that your phone stays connected to Slide during the installation. Some telephones disconnect, as Slide does not connect to the internet directly. To avoid this, turn off your mobile data, or turn on airplane mode. 

Now execute a Factory Reset:

1.  Take something small, like a paperclip

2. Slide's reset button is in an opening on the bottom of Slide. Use the paperclip to press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds.  

When you hear the motor and the LED-light starts pulsating, the reset is complete. 

Now scan again for WiFi networks
This can take up to 20 seconds, depending on your phone

Slide is still not visible on the list?

Take the power cable out of Slide, and put it back after a few seconds. Slide will now reboot.

Now try again.

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