Mounting Slide to the ceiling

First of all: Normally, you install Slide directly on your curtain track. You use the existing runners and stoppers of your curtains. In this case, it is not necessary to mount Slide to the ceiling. 

To see how the normal installation works, please take a look at our product page.

However, in some cases it is necessary, or advisable, to mount Slide directly to the ceiling, such as:

Curtain track with a corner

Certain wave curtains

Double curtains longer than 6m (19,7ft)

Asymmetric double curtains

For this reason, here we explain how to mount Slide to the ceiling. Please read the instructions before continuing.

Installing the Mount

Attach the Mount to the ceiling using three screws. Make sure you have correct plugs and screws for your ceiling. The Slide package comes with screws and plugs, but first, check if these are suitable for your ceiling.

The positions of the screws on the Mount
Place the Mount on the desired location

Once the Mount is installed, you simply click Slide (the motor) or the Pulley into the Pulley.

Mounting Slide to the ceiling
Leave around  1 centimeter (0.39 inch) of space between the curtain track and the mount.

Mounting the Pulley to the ceiling
Install the Mount directly next to the curtain track.

We advise you to mount the Pulley to the ceiling. If this is not possible, also Slide can be mounted to the ceiling.

Make sure that the cable runs straight and doesn't rub against the plastic. In the long run, this can damage the cable. 

By mounting as closely as possible against the curtain track, you reduce the chance of the cable running slanted. As the Pulley needs less space, you can mount it directly next to the curtain track.

Slide The Pulley

Once the Mount has been installed to the ceiling, you can continue with the normal installation of Slide. For further instructions, please go to the Slide by IIM App

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