Does Slide work on curved curtain tracks?

Due to Slide's cable system, Slide only works straight curtain tracks and is unable to pull your curtains over corners.

For this reason, Slide cannot pull your curtain over corners, like bay windows or corners halfway down your curtain track. 
As long as you install Slide on the straight part of your curtain track, it is possible to automize this section.
By installing several Slides, or by not using a small part of your curtains, you can still enjoy smart curtains.

Normally, you attach Slide (the motor) at one end of your curtain track and you place the Pulley on the other end of your curtain track:

In case you have a curve in your curtain track, there are two possible solutions. Please note that the section running towards the wall is not automated in both cases.

Solution 1: You install Slide, or the Pulley, after the corner


The Pulley

If you choose to install Slide just after the corner, there are two important aspects to keep in mind: 

You need metal stoppers
To ensure that Slide and the Pulley are kept firmly in place, you need to have metal stoppers. These are strong enough by themselves to keep Slide in place. Plastic stoppers are not strong enough and might break. 

Make sure that the cable is straight
It's important that the cable doesn't rub along the plastic of Slide or the Pulley. In the long run, this might damage the cable. So pay attention to the fact that Slide, or the Pulley, is mounted on the straight part of the curtain track and now partly in the corner. 

Move the stopper to the corner

You can now continue with the normal installation of Slide, starting with placing the Mount. After this, you attach Slide or the Pulley to the Mount.

The advantage of installing Slide after the corner is the fact that you can install Slide directly to your curtain track. You don't need any extra tools or components. However, your curtain doesn't close completely in the corner of the track. 

To solve this, you can keep a small section of your curtains in the corner. This section will not be automated and will always remain in the corner. 

For the rest of the installation, please follow the normal installation guide from the Slide by IIM App.

Solution 2: You install Slide or the Pulley on the ceiling


The Pulley

With this option, you install Slide or the Pulley to the ceiling on the inside of the curtain track. The advantage here is that your stopper can remain at the end of the track and that your curtain runs all the way until the end. Please do note that also with this option, the last section of your curtain track is not automated and will remain stationary in the corner. 

Installing the Mount to the ceiling

The Mount

Installing Slide (the motor) to the ceiling
If you decide to mount Slide to the ceiling, make sure that there is enough space to attach Slide to the Mount. 
Leave around 1 cm (0,39 inch) of space the Mount and the curtain track (both at the long section and the short section towards the wall) 

Installing the Pulley to the ceiling
As the Pulley is a far smaller component, it also requires less space. In this case, you can practically install the Mount against the curtain track.  

Please note: Make sure the cable is straight.
It is possible to install both Slide itself and the Pulley to the ceiling. However, we do advise you to install the Pulley instead of Slide when possible.  

Do make sure that the cable runs straight and doesn't rub against the plastic. In the long run, this might damage the cable.  
By installing the component as closely as possible to the curtain track, you prevent the cable from running slanted. As the Pulley requires less space, it can be installed closer to the curtain track.  

The Slide package comes with screws and plugs for mounting the system to the ceiling. Please do check if these are the right plugs for your ceiling. Especially when Slide is attached to the ceiling, all the weight and strength are now on the Mount, so make sure it is firmly attached.  

You install the Mount by using three screws:

After installing the Mount, you can continue with the normal installation. For this, please follow the installation flow in the Slide by IIM app.

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