Slide and curtains longer than 6 meters

A single Slide supports straight curtain tracks up to 6 meters (19,7 ft.)

In case you have a curtain track longer than 6 meters, there are two options:

1. Moving Slide slightly to the middle

Slide is mounted at the end of your curtain track. At the other end, you mount the Pulley. If the total length of your curtain track is not much longer than 6 meters, you might be able to move Slide, or the Pulley, slightly more to the middle. You effectively shorten the total length that Slide needs to control. Please do note that it's important that you have metal stoppers on your curtain track. These make sure that Slide is kept firmly in place. 

2. Installing two Slides

If you have double curtains and the total length is a lot more than 6 meters, making the above solution not possible, it's possible to install two Slides.

With one Slide you automate the left curtain and with the second you automate the right curtain. Please note, this only works with a double curtain. Unfortunately, Slide doesn't work an a single curtain that is longer than 6 meters.

With this solution, it's necessary to install the Pulley of both Slides directly to the ceiling. 

Below you see how the two Slides are attached. Slide motors are installed at the ends of the track, directly on your curtain track. The two Pulleys are mounted to the ceiling. 
Make sure to mount them both around a meter passed the middle. This ensures that the cable runs straight.

During the calibration, you can manually stop the curtain so that you create the perfect middle in your curtains.

To learn more about how to mount Slide to the ceiling, please take a look at our article about mounting Slide to the ceiling.

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