My curtains don't open or close completely

In this article we help you with the following problems:

1. The curtains open or close asymmetrically

2. The curtains don't open or close completely

1. The curtains open or close asymmetrically

This means that the Second Connector is not in the correct position.

Follow these steps:

1.   Take the curtains of the First and Second Connector.

2.   Make sure that the entire cable is pulled out of the First Connector and a red/orange marking is visible.

3.   Place the First and Second connector exactly in the middle. If necessary, play around with the position of the Second Connector to find the middle. The placing of the Second Connector on the cable decides where the middle is.

2. The curtains don’t open or close completely


- What is the total length of your curtain track? Slide works on tracks up to 6 meters (19,68ft.). If your track is longer than this, Slide won't be able to close your curtains completely. 

- Check if Slide’s cable can move freely and is not stuck in one of the runners.

- Try calibrating Slide by increasing the strength.
Slide has three strength settings. Click ‘Increase strength and retry’ to change these settings.

- Check if it’s possible to open and close completely by pulling on the curtains by hand. If either the left or right side can’t be opened or closed by hand, Slide won’t be able to do so either. If you have double curtains, it’s important to test this on both sides, as Slide moves them simultaneously. 

- Are there any runners in your track that are not used? When moved, they can turn askew and block the other runners

- Are the runners the original runners of the curtain track? If the compatibility between the track and the runners isn't good, this can cause problems for Slide.

- Do you have a wave curtain? Here the cable will run over the curtain fabric instead of next to it. This requires more force. Sometimes it's advised to mount Slide directly to the ceiling. This allows for the cable to run a bit higher, and thus free. 

Cleaning and lubricating your curtain track

In the case of older curtain tracks, it can help immensely to clean and lubricate your curtain track. It's best to take a wad of dry kitchen paper and use this to remove the dust inside the curtain track. Then take a bit of silicone or Teflon spray on a piece of kitchen paper to lubricate it. 

Moving one, or both Mounts

- Slide is installed on the inside of your curtains and takes up a few centimeters of space. If your curtains were already rather tight, it could be that with these extra centimeters, your curtains are now too tight. Move one or both Mounts further to the middle:

-     If you only used the stopper (and not the Mount Spring), you can move this a little further towards the middle

-     If you’re using the Mount Spring (the metal hook), you can place this in another slot in the mount to increase the distance

-     If you don’t want to, or can’t carry out one of these options, it is also possible to mount Slide to the ceiling. Slide won’t be attached directly to your curtain track. 

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