Which curtain runners should I use?

The majority of all runners (that connect your curtains to your curtain track) have a closed hole. Your curtain typically has a hook that goes into this hole, connecting your curtains to your track. 

Slide works with most curtain runners with a closed hole:

Although Slide works perfectly fine with almost all runners with a closed hole, we advise you to use plastic runners without a wheel.
Runners with a wheel will also work without any problems, but in our experience, glider runners work just a tad more smoothly. An example of suitable runners are found on Amazon.com

It's also important to check if the curtain runners fit your curtain track. 

Certain systems have runners with a hook instead of a closed hole. Slide is not compatible with these runners.
However, by replacing the runners in your track, you will be able to get your curtains ready for Slide.

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