You say Slide works on almost everything, but what is the best track/ rail you recommend I buy?

We would recommend you use a track, preferably one with completely plastic runners or gliders for a smoother, quieter performance of Slide.

Slide works best on what is also easiest to open by hand. We do not recommend a telescopic track. By hand on a telescopic track, curtains are difficult to open and close, therefore it is more difficult for Slide to open and close them too. Slide will still work, but each time Slide opens and closes your curtains it will encounter the bumps from the telescopic track, same as if you were to do it by hand. This may negatively affect your Slide experience.

Therefore, the less friction on the track, the better your Slide experience. Any common track that meets Slide‚Äôs requirements will work, but consider a premium brand from your local DIY store for optimal use. 

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