Can I partially open or closes my curtains?

Yes, Slide measures the total length of your curtain track so you can set any specific position you like within your curtain track length, for example "half open" or "20% closed".

If I have double curtains, can I control just one of them?

From the app, it's only possible to control both curtains simultaneously.

If the Touch & Go feature is on, this will also always open or close both curtains at the same time. 

However, if the Touch & Go feature is off, it's possible to manually open or close one of the two curtains:

1. If the curtains are open, it's possible to close the curtain on Slide's side (the motor), without the other curtain to move along.

2. If the curtains are closed, it's possible to open the curtain on the other side, without the curtain on Slide's side to move as well. 

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