Slide Speed Control

Slide Speed Control

You can set the desired speed of your Slide. Make Slide open your curtains fast or gentle or even "slow-motion". 

To change the speed of your Slide, go to the settings page of your Slide by pressing the gear icon on the top right:

Follow these steps to active your Slide's speed:

1. Navigate to the Slide you want change

2. Click on the gear in the top corner

3. In the next screen you will find the speed option

4. Swipe the Slider to the left or right.

5. Click "Save and done" and immediately see the change in speed. 

You don't see this option in your screen?

This feature only works with the latest software on your Slide. Slide will update itself within 48 hours after installation. Has it been more than 48 hours, and the option is still not visible? Please send us a message at so we can help you out.

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