Multiple adjacent curtain tracks

You may have multiple curtain tracks adjacent (next to) each other, for example, a privacy and black-out curtain.
Slide is mounted directly under your track and has a width of 5.2cm. After installation, Slide is hidden behind the curtains. Keep in mind slide can only automate one rail, so you will need to make sure there is enough space to mount Slide. If you also want to motorize the net curtain (the second track) you need a second Slide for that.
The distance between your tracks is important. If the distance between your tracks is less than 3 cm, then the main unit of Slide will block the runners of the adjacent tracks reaching the end. 
The most important thing is that the rails are no longer than 6 meters, do not make a bend, and ideally have approximately 2 mm space at the outer ends of the rails towards the wall for easy mounting. 
For further information regarding Slides compatibility with your home curtain system, please visit our Compatibility page.

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