Does Slide need to be connected to WiFi at all times?

Slide relies on a continuous WiFi connection to receive commands from the Slide App on your phone and connect to our server.

Connecting to our cloud server makes it easier for you to control your curtains via the app, no need to go into your router to set different firewall rules. Our cloud servers are completely secure from the moment Slide is first manufactured and on wards throughout Slides life-cycle, due to being encrypted.

It's not necessary for your phone to be connected to the same WiFi network as Slide in order to control it.

If Slide loses its WiFi connection, for example because of a network interruption, you can still open and close your curtains manually. If you enable the Touch and Go feature within your Slide app settings, this will also work. Give your curtains a nudge and they will open and close completely. Routines set within the Slide app to open and close your curtains at certain times will also remain intact.

However, to set up Slide it is necessary to connect to a WiFi network so we can authorise your Slide device with our servers and verify your account. 

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