Types of curtains compatible with Slide?

You still need to buy new curtains and are curious which are suitable for Slide?

Slide works on 95% of curtains and can be mounted on either side of your curtain. Please visit our Compatibility Page to check if Slide works for your curtain track. 

Slide works best on curtain tracks that are easily opened by hand. After all, less friction means a smoother experience!

For the smoothest experience:

  • Runners completely made of plastic (no wheels)
  • Non-extendable curtain track
  • Rails with a metal stopper

Runners made of plastic make less sound. Also, because extendable tracks have 'bumps', the experience won't be as smooth as with a track consisting of one part. Slide will have no problem working on extendable tracks, but your curtain track will make more sound. 
A metal stopper makes the installation just a tad easier. 

2mm of space at the end of your track

If you don't have metal stoppers, please make sure there is 2mm of space at the end of your curtain track. This allows you to install Slide correctly. In case you have metal stoppers, this space is not absolutely necessary.

Click here to read more about why this is necessary

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