What is the maximum weight that my curtains can have?

The short answer: If you are able to open and close your curtains by hand, Slide can do so as well. *

The above-stated rule is a good benchmark. The weight of the curtains doesn't say much. You can have an immensely heavy curtain with the smoothest track or a very light curtain on the bumpiest rusted track both needing the same amount of force to open and close. In other words, it all depends on your system. Therefore, if you can do it yourself by hand, Slide will too ;)
Within Slide there is a powerful 12V motor with a rated strength at 17KG/cm. This offers a lot of pulling power for Slide. Furthermore, the system has three strength levels (light, medium, high) that can be set from the App. 
The strength of the cable used by Slide is 100 Kg. This is a special kind of cable used within the fishing industry, as its ultra-strong and ultra-durable 'ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene'.

Slide has been tested and simulated to run more than 5000 times on your curtain. Under normal conditions, it should work for more than 7 years without maintenance. 

* The pull should be a continuous pull, not with short tugs. For example, if your curtain track has a bump somewhere and the only way for you to close the curtain by hand is to wiggle the curtain when pulling it, Slide will have difficulties with this point as well. If however, you are able to pull your fabric over this bump without short tugs, Slide will do the same.

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