FIBARO Home Center 3 (Lite) Integration - Installation

In this article, we explain step by step how to connect your FIBARO Home Center 3, or FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite to your Slide account.

Please use a desktop (PC or laptop) to execute the installation:

1. Download the Slide Quick App on the FIBARO Marketplace

2. Now go to the FIBARO Dashboard en log in on your FIBARO Home Center (note that your FIBARO ID might differ from your Home Center login credentials) 

3. Click on the gear in the left bottom corner to settings.

4. Click on "5. Devices"

5. In the right top corner, click on (+) to add a new device. Choose "Other Device"

6. Scroll to the right until you can choose "Other" and click on "Upload File". Upload the file that you just saved on your computer: "Slide_Controller_1.2.fqa".

7. Now proceed to "Variables" and click on the pencil next to "username". Change "yourSlideUsername" to the email address that you use for your Slide account.

6. Now click on the pencil next to "password" and change "yourSlidePassword" to the password you use for Slide.

7. Click on "Save". The number of Slides in your account will automatically be added to the system. 

That's it. Now you're ready to control your Slides using your Home Center 3 (Lite)!

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