Why do I need 2mm of space at the end of my curtain track?

As a rule:

- If you have metal stoppers at the end of your curtain track, the 2mm of space is optional.

- If you have  plastic stoppers at the end of your curtain track, the 2mm of space is mandatory.

In this article we explain why you need 2mm of space at the end of your curtain track when you have plastic stoppers:

Slide uses your existing runners and stoppers

In order to install Slide you first attach the Slide Mount.
The Slide Mount locks itself to the existing runners and stopper in your curtain track. The placement can be adjusted to fit your specific system.

We always recommend using the Mount Spring, a small metal hook, that is included in the Slide package. 
The Mount Spring hooks itself behind your curtain track, making sure that Slide is held firmly in place:

file-eyb5dCuB2D.pngThe requirement of the Mount Spring is that you maintain a minimum of 2mm of space between the end of your curtain track and the wall. Otherwise, the Spring won't fit. 

What if I don't have 2mm of space?

In case you don't have any space between the track and the wall, it's also possible to use a metal stopper. These are strong enough to keep Slide in place by themselvers. It might be necessary to move the metal stopper a little bit in order to create enough space for Slide. 

Unfortunately, plastic stoppers are not strong enough and might break if used without any extra support. The Mount Spring adds this extra support.

If possible, we recommend using the Mount Spring. However, with metal stoppers, this is not an absolute necessity.

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