"Couldn't connect to Slide" message keeps appearing within my Slide app?

In this article we help you when this message appears when you have already installed Slide successfully. Are you getting this message during the installation? Click here

This message indicates one or multiple Slides within your household are unavailable. Please make sure all devices are connected to power as well as to the internet. 

When your Slide device is connected to power but is unable to connect to your home network, you will see a pulsing LED, this indicates that your network may be unavailable. If you do not see an LED, unplug and re plug Slide briefly from power, this will reset the device. A faint motor sound will briefly be heard and the LED will flash, this means the device is operating normally.

If your still unable to connect Slide to the app and both your home network and power is working as expected, then please contact us on support@goslide.io. Alternatively, you may try to Factory Reset Slide, for instant troubleshooting.

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